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Reaching the Muslim World

Isik Abla Ministries represents the Christian Satellite TV/Internet/Social Media Ministry of Isik Abla, a Muslim background believer from Turkey who broadcasts…

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Printing and Distributing Bibles in Iran

Elam Ministries’ vision is to see all the people of the Iran region have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him as a disciple…

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Amani Mostafa TV Program

Broadcasting Christian satellite TV programs is currently one of the most effective means of reaching large numbers of people and penetrating unreached…

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Micro-Enterprise Loan Program

South Sudan is a country that has emerged from a traumatic civil unrest that has left 90% of the population in utter poverty…

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Equipping Exceptional Young Christians

Lahore is called a city of colleges and schools. Before the separation of India and Pakistan the British constructed many schools and colleges for Christians. After…