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Rescuing Women and Young Girls

Statistics vary, but according to UNICEF approximately 40,000 to 100,000 people in Cambodia are involved in the sex trade. One-third of the girls involved in prostitution…

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Micro-Enterprise Loan Program

South Sudan is a country that has emerged from a traumatic civil unrest that has left 90% of the population in utter poverty…

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Katosi Community School

Uganda is located in the central-eastern part of Africa. Katosi is about 90 minutes from Kampala, the capital, down a dirt road. Uganda has a population of around 34 million…

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Establishing a Witness Among the Koti

There are some places on earth that are hard places, hard to get to, hard to enter and hard to work in. The land of the Koti people is one of those places on earth…

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Equipping Exceptional Young Christians

Lahore is called a city of colleges and schools. Before the separation of India and Pakistan the British constructed many schools and colleges for Christians. After…

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Chingola Orphanage and Aged Center (CORAC)

In 2001, Titus Mambwe attended a conference in Zambia sponsored by Bright Hope World titled, “The Church Cares.” There they grappled with how churches in Africa…